Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nutritious Vs. Vicious Take 2: Customizable Soup VS. the Horrors of Ramen

Pin It I usually don't post recipes that you don't have to actually cook, but I thought I'd share what I made for a quick lunch today for those of you who hate spending time in the kitchen (other than to eat :p).  This recipe is great for those who like Ramen too.  I really hope that nobody is eating Ramen because they think it's good for them...I hope that only reason would be for taste or convenience.  That stuff gives me the shivers....Once package has wayyyyy over 1000 mg of sodium!  If convenience and taste is what you are after this recipe is perfect for you because not only is it convenient, but it's also  nutritious-n-delicious.  Another great thing about it is that it is customizable to your tastes, budget, and time.

Again, I know my pictures are not the greatest.  That's because I just take them on my phone due to lack of time (and photography skills...).  The reason I keep apologizing about this is because I know some of my recipes look down right disgusting in pictures, but I promise they are good and Kara approved. :)
1 cup Hot water
1 1/2 tsp Chicken soup base*
4 oz. Pasta Zero Shirataki Fettuccine***
1 serving of your favorite Whole wheat noodle
1/2 cup Trappey's Tomatoes, Okra, and Corn in a can****
1/2 cup of your favorite Vegetable mix, canned or frozen
3-4 oz. of Lean meat of your choice

Lots of notes today...
* Make sure to look for low sodium soup bases because some can be very high in sodium.  You will find it in either individual packets or in a small jar of powder.
**I used fettuccine for my soup and cut up the noodles a bit to make it easier to eat, but you can use whatever type of noodle you want.  Also to save time cook up a bunch of noodles and keep them in the fridge, so all you have to do at lunch time is reheat them (same goes for the meat).
***This is a low carb pasta alternative I recently discovered.  It might not be in every grocery store, so check their the Shirataki noodle website to find vendors.  It is usually by the tofu.  I have found Woodman's to have the best price for this.  It is a little more expensive than normal noodles, but it is really fun to try.  Make sure you rinse the noodles well before using and don't worry if it smells a little fishy at first.  I promise it doesn't taste like fish!
****This was something new I tried because I am normally not a huge fan of canned vegetables.  It was surprisingly good though! I love okra!  Good change up from the normal vegetables :)
*****I didn't add my meat to the soup today because I felt like eating it plan, so you won't see it in the picture.  You can use anything from cut up leftover chicken to lean ground beef to cubed tempeh or tofu.  It's totally up to you!

1. In a microwaveable bowl stir soup base into the water and microwave for a minute.
2. Stir in pasta, vegetables, and protein and heat another 2-3 minutes depending on your microwave.
3. Enjoy!
Makes 1 serving.

Nutrition Facts:
Based on the ingredients I used (Watkin's chicken soup base, Shirataki Fettuccine, and canned Tomatoes, Okra, and Corn; I didn't calculate the protein into the nutrition facts because I ate mine on the side)

NUTRITIOUS                                                  VS.                                  VICIOUS
                                                                                                    (Whole Package of Ramen)
Calories: 80                                                                                 Calories: 380
Total Fat: 0.5g                                                                            Total Fat: 14g
     Sat. Fat: 0g                                                                                 Sat. Fat: 7g
Cholesterol: 0mg                                                                        Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 755mg*                                                                        Sodium: 1660mg
Potassium: 0mg                                                                          Potassium: 0mg
Total Carbs: 15g                                                                        Total Carbs: 52g
     Dietary Fiber: 3g                                                                       Dietary Fiber: 2g
     Sugars: 5g                                                                                 Sugars: 2g
Protein: 2g**                                                                                 Protein: 10g
Vitamin A: 2%                                                                          Vitamin A: 0%
Vitamin C: 22%                                                                        Vitamin C: 0%
Calcium: 14%                                                                            Calcium: 0%
Iron: 4%                                                                                     Iron: 20%
*This is still pretty high...but can be lowered with frozen instead of canned vegetables.
**Make sure to add a protein or have some on the side.  Protein is what will keep you full after lunch, so you aren't grabbing junk food an hour later.


  1. "I have found Woodman's to have the best price for this."

    We try to have the best prices for everything :)

    1. I'm like a kid in a candystore at Woodman's. You guys should open a store in Winona!

  2. So happy you like our new Pasta Zero Shirataki Noodles! What a quick & easy idea on how to use them!

    Happy Eating,

    1. You can hardly tell the difference between these vs. normal noodles. What a great product! :)


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